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The process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data is called
a) calculus b) geometry c) algebra d) statistics
The average number in a data set is the
a) Mean b) Mode c) Median d) Range
What is the median of the following data set: 1, 3, 5, 8, 8
a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 8
The mode in a data set is the number
a) in the exact middle of the set b) that is the average c) most frequently occurring d) at the end
A common computer software used to analyze data is a
a) word processor software b) spread sheet software c) computer assisted design software d) graphic design software
_____________ represents the maximum value in the data set subtracted by the minimum value in the data set.
a) Median b) Mean c) Mode d) Range
_______________ is calculated by half of the range.
a) Range b) Median c) Tolerance d) Mode
________________________ represents the spread of a set of data. The higher the number, the larger the spread of data.
a) Standard Deviation b) Ranger c) Median d) Mean
Microsoft _____________ is a common program used to enter and formulate data.
a) Word b) Database c) Spreadsheet d) Powerpoint
____________ specification limit is the largest measurement a part of clearance space is allowed, so that the part still functions.
a) Upper b) Lower c) Middle d) Below
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