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unexpectedly or suddenly
a) mutter b) abruptly c) bizarre d) beam
to say in a low, quiet voice; mumble
a) mutter b) sobbed c) frantically d) reluctantly
in an uncontrolled, wild, or excited manner
a) mutter b) sobbed c) frantically d) glisten
unable to wait patiently or tolerate delay; restless
a) abruptly b) blurt c) bulge d) impatiently
hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character
a) wiry b) beam c) awkward d) stern
resembling wire in form or quality; stiff
a) wiry b) glisten c) grimace d) justify
a twisting of the face to show pain, disgust, or anger
a) grimace b) sobbed c) replica d) justify
a close or exact copy
a) replica b) bulge c) grimace d) bizarre
not willing
a) stern b) frantically c) reluctantly d) awkward
weird; not normal or ordinary
a) stern b) wiry c) bizarre d) abruptly
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