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What is the Ring of Fire?
a) The lava field around Kilaua Volcano b) An area near earth of the earth\\\'s poles where earthquakes occur. c) Plate boundaries around the earth where tectonic activitiy occurs d) The only place where a volcano can form
When seismic waves travel through the earth, in which layer do they slow down?
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Inner Core d) Outer Core
How are earthquakes measured?
a) In meters /second like sound waves b) By measuring the amount of energy released from the quake c) Using a seismometer d) Using the Richmond Scale
When and where did the largest recent tsunami occur?
a) Off the coast of Chile in 2002 b) Near Sumatra and Java in 2004 c) Near Alaska in 1964 d) Near Japan in 2010
What is a pyroclastic flow?
a) A large lava flow from a Hawaiian volcano b) A slow movement of lava, gasses and debris from a volcanic eruption c) A violent explosion of hot gases, from a volcano d) A comination of hot gases, cinders, volcanic bombs, and cinders expelled from a volcano
What is a Lahar?
a) Slow moving lava from a Shiel Volcano b) A fast moving lava flow from a strato-volcano c) A dome of magma that almost reaches the surface d) A combination of melted snow, debris, volcanic ash and mud from a volcanic eruption
What are the various types of volcanoes
a) Shield, cinder cone, strata-cone b) Shield cone, cinder cone, strata-cone c) Strata cone, shield, explosive, combination and cinder cone d) Cinder Cone, shield, strata and combination
When and where did Vesuvious erupt to destroy the cities of Pompeii and Herculanium?
a) Near what is now Athens Greece in 70 AD b) Near what is now Cairo Egypt in 71 AD c) Near what is now Rome, Italy in 70 AD d) Near what is now Naples, Italy in 79 AD
How are eathquakes and Tsunami's related?
a) An undersea earthquake will always cause a dangerou tsunami b) They occur most often at divergent boundaries. c) Both usually occur near large transform boundaries. d) If the change in the sea-floor level is great enough a tsunami wave is produced .
Where is the US supervolcano that is being carefully monitored?
a) Near Mt. Ranier in Washington State b) In the valley of Yellowston Park, c) Underneath Mt. Hood in Oregon d) Very close to Mt. St. Helens in Washington State
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