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Served with icecream topping.
a) de ja vu b) plastered c) a la mode d) delis
A member of the clergy who works for the military.
a) chaplain b) priest c) preacher d) captain
A cone-shaped device for magnifying the voice.
a) microphone b) megaphone c) telephone d) keelhaul
the feeling that you have experienced something before
a) a la mode b) intrepid c) de ja vu d) plastered
fearless and bold
a) Longfellows b) genius c) geeky d) intrepid
a) brave and bold b) very intelligent c) a form of punishment against sailors d) very large in size
a) extremely happy b) brave & bold c) showing extreme emotional excitability d) extremely sad
a) very talented and intelligent b) very excited c) extremely brave d) a bright idea
a) intelligent b) with strength or power c) a bright idea d) very large in size or amount
a) the act of holding a horse back with a rein b) a form of precipitation c) pulling or dragging something d) a form of punishment against sailors
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