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Engineers, architects and others who engage in design to solve practical problems, use:
a) mathematical applications and intuition b) scientific knowledge and parental advise c) intuition and parental advice d) scientific knowledge and mathematical applications
Which of the personal characteristics listed below does not influence engineering design?
a) creativity b) sensitivity c) ability to visualize d) resourcefulness
A constraint that is concerned with cost and must be considered when designing is:
a) aesthetic b) political c) economical d) social
Which of the constraints listed below is not considered a physical constraint?
a) size b) shape c) cost d) color
Engineering designs principles are used to evaluate designs according to flexibility, balance, function and:
a) proportion b) ethics c) economics d) historical significance
In design principles the purpose of an object is defined as what?
a) Flexibility b) Balance c) Function d) Proportion
The position of elements in relation to each other is ___________?
a) Flexibility b) Balance c) Function d) Proportion
Design principle in which everything in the design seems to fit together with nothing out of place.
a) Rhythm b) Unity c) Balance d) Proportion
Everything in the picture is symmetical and of equal visual weight.
a) Balance b) Unity c) Rhythm d) Proportion
The size relationship of one object to the rest of the image.
a) Balance b) Unity c) Rhythm d) Proportion
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