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Which layer of the Earth is made of a solid that flows like a liquid
a) Inner core b) Crust c) Mantle d)
The Earth is constantly doing this
a) Moving b) Shrinking c) Growing d)
Sea floor spreading + Continential dirft =
a) Wegner's Theory b) Pangea Theory c) Plate Tectonics Theory d)
The seed case of an apple can be compared to what layer of the earth
a) Outer core b) Inner core c) Crust d)
Which layer of the earth is the thickest
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Inner Core d)
What are mountain ranges under water called
a) mountains b) volcanoes c) mid ocean ridges d)
Earth's longest mounatin range is found where
a) under water b) the Atlantic ocean c) Both A and B d)
What causes tectonic plates to heat up and crack
a) Magma b) Lava c) Rocks d)
What is the crack in the tectonic plate called
a) Divider b) Split c) Ridge d)
Older rocks are located...
a) Farthest from the ridge b) Nearest to the ridge c) Right at the ridge d)
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