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Who was the German Scientist that came up with the theory of continental drift?
a) Hess b) c) Vener d) Wegner
What was the name of the supercontinent?
a) Gondwanaland b) c) Pangea d) Laurasia
A theory is an explanation generally....
a) Accepted but not yet proven b) c) Accepted and proven d) Proven but not excepted
Fossils are ancient organisms preserved in
a) Salt b) c) Rock d) Water
Which 2 continents fit like puzzle pieces
a) Africa and South America b) c) Africa and Asia d) North America and Africa
As continents move toward the equator the climate
a) gets colder b) c) Stays the same d) gets hotter
Which layer of the Earth is the hottest
a) Inner core b) c) crust d) Outer core
Which layer of the earth is the thinnest
a) Outer core b) c) Crust d) Mantle
Which 2 layers are made up of nickel and iron
a) crust and mantle b) c) inner core and crust d) outer and inner core
Wegner\'s idea that the continents slowly moved over Earth\'s surface became known as
a) Pangea b) c) continential drift d) sea-floor spreading
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