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What was Freak referring to when he said Magnesium, potassium chlorate, sulphur, copper
a) the moat b) a lab experiment c) Gwens cooking d) fireworks
The problem that Max was described to have at the beginning of the book was
a) he was gifted b) he had a learning disability c) he was crippled d) he was blind
What book does Freak always talk to Max about
a) The Wizard of Oz b) King Arthur c) Call of the Wild d) Night of the Comet
Why did Maxwell's father leave prison
a) he served his entire sentence b) he was paroled c) he escaped d) he was wrongly convicted
What did Max say that he never had until Freak came along
a) brain b) bully c) tutor d) neighbor
Freaks favorite book is
a) Freak the Mighty b) Rugrats c) Atlas d) Dictionary
What did Max mean when he said that he was going down under
a) bedroom b) neighbors house c) tree house d) classroom
How does Freak describe Loretta Lee
a) a shut-in b) a widow c) a damsel in distress d) a cretin
Freaks favorite food at school
a) american chop suey b) pb and j c) hamburger d) tuna fish
What did Killer Kane get in prison
a) religion b) a law degree c) a wife d) a tattoo
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