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Trace or remains of an organism preserved in the earth's crust
a) fossil b) mold c) geologic time d) cast
impression left in a rock by an organism
a) cast b) fossil c) mold d) half-life
Process by which original plant or animal parts are replaced with minerals
a) mold b) cast c) fossil d) petrification
Model of an organism
a) cast b) mold c) fossil d) petrification
Total amount of time since the earth was formed
a) absolute dating b) relative dating c) geologic time d) cast
method used to determine how old a rock layer is by comparing it to another rock layer
a) relative dating b) absolute dating c) geologic time d) fossil
Method that determines the actual age of a rock or fossil
a) radioactive element b) abolute dating c) cast d) mold
Fossil that provides clues to the age of the rock in which the fossil appears
a) index fossil b) fossil c) relative dating d) cast
length of time it takes for half of the atoms of a radioactive element to decay
a) half life b) relative dating c) absolute dating d) fossil
An element that breaks apart or decays to form other element
a) radioactive element b) mold c) cast d) fossil
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