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A scientist that said acquired traits during a lifetime get passed down to their offspring
a) Lyell b) Lamarck c) Bonnett d) Malthus
A scientist that said earth was old
a) Darwin b) Lamarck c) Malthus d) Lyell
A scientist that wrote The Origin of species by Natural Selection
a) Darwin b) Lyell c) Lamarck d) Bonnett
A scientist that first used the word evolution
a) Lyell b) Bonnett c) Darwin d) Lamarck
A scientist that said that as population goes up, food supply will go down, leading to competition
a) Malthus b) Darwin c) Lamarck d) Bonnett
Empty pore spacces being filled by minerals
a) Petrified b) Amber c) Molds d) Casts
Preserved tree sap traps entire organism
a) Trace Fossil b) Petrified c) Casts d) Amber
Indirect evidence left by an organism
a) Trace Fossils b) Amber c) Petrified d) Molds
Impression of an organism
a) Casts b) Amber c) Molds d) Trace Fossils
Mold filled with sediment
a) Petrified b) Molds c) Trace Fossils d) Amber
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