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a) crept b) fiesta c) boasted d) beauties
moved slowly, crawled
a) crept b) vines c) cities d) crown
a pretty head covering, worn by a king or queen
a) crept b) crown c) beautiful d) hobbies
a group of houses that is not as big as a city
a) town b) vines c) village d) city
a liquid that you swallow when you are thirsty; to swallow a liquid
a) drink b) drive c) babies d) vines
plants with long stems that need to be held up
a) villages b) voice c) vines d) pennies
a wide path for vehicles to get from one place to another
a) crown b) road c) villages d) bodies
lovely objects
a) beauties b) copies c) hobbies d) duties
a celebration
a) fiesta b) vines c) pumpkin d) hobbies
sheds tears
a) crown b) babies c) cries d) pennies
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