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Atoms are ___________________ when they are combined.
a) more stable b) less stable c) not bound together d) at a high potential energy
Type of bond where atoms share electrons and have an EQUAL attraction for the electrons
a) Ionic b) Polar Covalent c) Nonpolar Covalent d) Dipolar Covalent
In which of these compounds is the bond b/w the atoms NOT a polar covalent bond?
a) NO b) NaCl c) CaO d) HBr
Which of the following is NOT a property of a nonpolar covalent compound?
a) Does not conduct electricity b) Low melting point c) Soluble in water d) Insoluble in water
Malleability and ductility are characteristics of substances with
a) Covalent Bonds b) Ionic Bonds c) Lewis Structures d) Metallic Bonds
What is the shape of BF3?
a) Linear b) Bent c) Trigonal Planar d) Trigonl Pyramidal
What is the shape of NOCl?
a) Bent b) Trigonal Planar c) Trigonla Pyramidal d) Tetrahedral
What is the correct shape for a molecule of COBr2?
a) Linear b) Bent c) Tetrahedral d) Trigonal Planar
Which of the following shapes can NEVER be a polar molecule?
a) Linear b) Bent c) Trigonal Planar d) Tetrahedral
What is shape of a molecule of N2?
a) Linear b) Bent c) Trigonal Pyramidal d) Tetrahedral
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