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The most serious conflict in recent years has been between Muslim Arab nations and
a) Lebanon b) Israel c) Syria d) Egypt
This region has faced challenges recently because of
a) flooding b) a declining birth rate c) immigration d) rapid population growth
Which of the following is NOT a factor contributing to the rapidly growing population of the region?
a) a larger food supply b) better health care c) people are living longer d) a high birthrate
Sumer was located in
a) Egypt b) North Africa c) the Fertile Crescent d) present-day Turkey
Egyptian rulers were called
a) saints b) prophets c) caliphs d) pharaohs
Which is NOT a problem faced by overcrowded cities?
a) inadequate transportation b) lack of jobs c) shortage of food d) poor housing
Which of the following is NOT shared by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity?
a) The belief in one God who holds all power and who created the universe. b) The belief that God determines right and wrong. c) The belief that people are expected to love God and to obey God's will. d) The belief that all people will go to Heaven.
Which religion requires its followers to fast at least once during the year?
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) all of the above
Which religions have dietary laws that forbid the eating of pork?
a) Christianity and Judaism b) Judaism and Islam c) Islam and Christianity d) all three
Which religion believes that the human figure should not be depicted in art?
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) all of the above
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