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Which view option shows thumbnails of each slide.
a) Normal view b) Slide sorter view c) Slide show view d) Print preview
The special effects to text or objects on a slide is called
a) Transition b) Timing c) Layout d) Animation
Which of the following is NOT a print option in powerpoint?
a) Presentation b) Handouts c) Slides d) Note Pages
To advance a slide in a presentation you can
a) Strike the enter key b) Click with the mouse c) Set timer d) All the above
Blank, title, comparison and two content are all examples of
a) Animation b) Slide layout c) Slide design d) Transition
In _____________ view you can edit the contents of a slide.
a) Normal b) Slide sorter c) Slide show d) Presentation
The way a slide enters or exits is called
a) Animation b) Slide design c) Slide layout d) Transition
Application software to create a presentation is called
a) Powerpoint b) Word c) Excel d) Paint
Slide design is referring to the
a) Color background b) Place holders c) Timing d) Animation
An individual screen in a slide show is called a
a) Slide b) Template c) Layout d) Caption
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