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Who defeated Dutch farmers during the Boer War?
a) British b) United States c) Africa d) Canada
The policy of racial segregation
a) boycott b) apartheid c) Scramble for Africa d) Boxer rebellion
The new boundries of Africa were created without consideration this was called
a) apartheid b) Scramble for Africa c) Boxer rebellion d) Spere of influence
Who took over India and made it a colony?
a) United States b) Africa c) China d) Britain
When Indian soldiers in the British Army rebelled agains the British rule and lost
a) Sepoy Mutiny b) Sphere of Influence c) Boer War d) Boxer rebellion
Foreign nations took over China and divided it up
a) Boxer rebellion b) Sphere of influence c) Boer war d) Sepoy mutiny
The British defeated the Chinese and forced them to open up trade
a) Boer War b) Spere of influence c) Boxer Rebellion d) Opium War
In the Taiping Rebellion, peasants rebelled against________ influences in China, millions were killed
a) local b) mulitcultural c) foreign d) intrastate
In 1899, Chinese citizens again fought against foreign armies and lost
a) Shay\'s Rebellion b) Sepoy Mutiny c) Boxer Rebellion d) Spheres of Influence
Economic, political, socail Darwisim, exploritory to name a few
a) ressons for Industrial Revolution b) reasons for the American Revolution c) reasons for the civil war in the United States d) reason for European imperialism
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