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The process of wearing away and moving weathered rock and soil
a) delta b) erosion c) moraine d) rock
Sediment settles out where a river empties into an ocean form a
a) moraine b) gravity c) delta d) river
The breaking down of rocks on the earth's surface
a) weathering b) gravity c) soil d) rocks
Moving bodies of ice
a) mouth b) rocks c) glaciers d) soil
Rivers and glaciers flow downhill because of
a) gravity b) moraine c) mouth d) soil
A mixture of bits of weathered rock and decayed material is
a) soil b) moraine c) rocks d) gravity
Sediments carried by wind and water are dropped in the process of
a) deposition b) moraine c) mouth d) rocks
Rock and sediment that drop from a glacier
a) soil b) delta c) moraine d) rocks
The place where a river meet the ocean
a) river b) lake c) mouth d) glacier
Below the three layers of soil
a) rocks b) glacier c) moraine d) delta
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