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Bean shaped structure that extends from the hypothalamus and secretes hormones
a) medulla b) peneal gland c) thalamus d) pituitary gland
Part of the brain that determines personality and motor function
a) Thalamus b) Cerebrum c) Hypothalamus d) cerebellum
A way of organizing information from the sum to the whole
a) Gestalt Theory b) Perception c) Illusions d) Constant Theory
The minimum difference that a person can detect between two stimuli is
a) absolute threshold b) signal detection theory c) difference threshold d) threshold
Selective attention is focusing awareness on
a) a particular stimulus b) all stimuli c) one stimulus while ignoring others d) nothing
This is the part of the eye that controls color.
a) rods b) fovea c) cones d) retina
The three bones located in the ear are
a) anil, hammer, and drum b) hammer, stirrup, and oval c) drum, anvil, and stirrup d) anvil, stirrup, and hammer
The major organ of the hearing process, shaped like a snail
a) cochlea b) oval window c) auditory nerve d) ossicles
The four basic tastes are
a) sour, hot, salty, sweet b) sweet, salty, sour, bitter c) bitter, hot, salty, sweet d) sweet, hot, sour, bitter
All are a form of grouping except
a) similarity b) continue c) proximity d) closure
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