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List the inner planets in order.
a) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth b) Mercury, Neptune, Earth, Mars c) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars d) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Which planet has the fasted revolution?
a) Mars b) Mercury c) Pluto d) Neptune
Which of these is a gaseous planet?
a) Mars b) Neptune c) Mercury d) Venus
Which of these planets is terrestrial?
a) Mars b) Neptune c) Saturn d) Uranus
Which planets have rings?
a) inner planets b) just Saturn c) outer planets d) all planets have rings
NASA rovers are discovering new things on this planet.
a) Earth b) Pluto c) Venus d) Mars
This planet has a shorter year than Earth.
a) Neptune b) Venus c) Mars d) Saturn
Planets with the most moons are:
a) inner planets b) outer planets c) Asteroid belt d) dwarf planets
A terrestrial planet means:
a) it has an atmosphere b) it is farthest from the Sun c) it has a rocky surface d) it has water on its surface
Other objects in our Solar System include:
a) stars, dust, moons, comets b) meteors, galaxies, moons c) moons, comets, meteors, novas d) moons, comets, meteoroids
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