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The name of Meopotamia means...
a) Between the rivers b) Between the mountains c) Between the valleys d) A lot of water
The most important city in Mesopotamia was
a) Sumer b) Rome c) Athens d) Jerusalem
What were the main economic activities in Mesopotamia?
a) Agriculture b) Livestock c) Crafts d) Trade
What was a zigurat?
a) A temple b) A palace c) A arch d) A house
Mesopotamians were polytheists because
a) They believed in many gods b) They believed in one god c) They believed in the stars d) They didn't believe
Who were the scribes?
a) Writers b) Slaves c) Priests d) Merchants
Sargon I was king of
a) Akkad b) Babylon c) Assyria d) Niniveh
The Code of Hammurabi was
a) The world\\\'s first written law b) The world\\\'s first written astronomy c) A long poem d) An special picture
Isthar was the goddes of
a) love and war b) love and hope c) war and sky d) rain and clouds
What material they used in their works of art?
a) adobe b) stone c) mosaics d) wood
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