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Animal-like Protist
a) Protozoan b) Volvox c) Mold d) Dog
Protist that can produce food from sunlight
a) Amoeba b) Heterotroph c) Autotroph d) Paramecium
Single celled organism that moves using cilia
a) Amoeba b) Paramecium c) Euglena d) Volvox
Single celled organism that uses pseudopods to move and feed
a) Paramecium b) Euglena c) Amoeba d) Volvox
Cytoplasm flows towards one location and the rest follows
a) Cilia b) Flagellum c) Volvox d) Pseudopod
Hair like projections from cell which moves in a wave-like motion
a) Cilia b) Pseudopod c) Flagella d) Alga
Single celled organism with a flagellum that can be autotrophic or heterotrophic
a) Amoeba b) Euglena c) Volvox d) Paramecium
Colony of alga forming a hollow ball
a) Cilia b) Amoeba c) Euglena d) Volvox
Whip-like tail used for motion and a sense organ
a) Cytoplasm b) Cilia c) Flagellum d) Alga
Single celled organisms with a nucleus from the kingdom Protista
a) Protist b) Bacteria c) Animal d) Plant
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