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person who owes loyalty to and is entitled to the protection of a state or nation
a) domestic b) article c) ratify d) citizen
a formal plan of government
a) constitution b) petition c) depression d) compromise
agreement between two or more sides in which each side gives up some of what it wants
a) constitution b) compromise c) precedent d) amendment
a part of a document, such as the Constitution, that deals with a single subject
a) article b) republic c) federalism d) bicameral
consisting of two houses, or chambers, especially in a legislature
a) constitution b) ratify c) amendment d) bicameral
the sharing of power between federal and state government
a) petition b) popular sovereignty c) federalism d) republic
political theory that government is subject to the will of the people
a) popular sovereignty b) domestic c) citizen d) depression
a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives
a) ratify b) petition c) amendment d) republic
to give official approval to
a) constitution b) compromise c) article d) ratify
a formal request
a) petition b) ratify c) amendment d) domestic
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