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Economy dictated by government
a) command b) c) market d) traditional
economy driven by individuals and private ownership with limited government interference
a) command b) c) market d) traditional
economy based on the customs or traditions of the local indigenous population
a) command b) c) market d) traditional
restrictions or limits on trade
a) trade barrier b) c) entrepreneurship d) GDP
trade barrier that ends trade with another country for political or safety reasons
a) quota b) c) embargo d) tarriff
a limit on the amount of goods that can be imported or exported
a) embargo b) c) quota d) tariff
trade restriction that imposes taxes on imported goods
a) embargo b) c) tariff d) quota
people that contribute to the economy
a) human capital b) c) GDP d) entrepreneurship
the total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year per person
a) human capital b) c) quota d) GDP
a confederation of countries in Europe that have come together for limited economic and polictical reasons
a) chernobyl b) c) European Union d) mixed economy
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