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How would you describe the motion of molecules in a gas?
a) very slow b) slow c) fast d) very fast
What does a graph look like when a substance goes through a phase change?
a) line going up b) line going down c) line going up and down d) line is flat
What is the boiling point of water?
a) 0 b) 32 c) 100 d) 212
What is the freezing point of water in celsius?
a) 0 b) 32 c) 100 d) 212
How do you know it a substance is being cooled on a graph
a) line goes up and down b) line goes up c) line goes down d) line stays flat
What is happening to heat when condensation occurs?
a) heat is absorbed b) heat is released c) heat is both released and absorbed d) heat is neither released nor absorbed
Describe the phase change that occurs during condensation
a) solid to gas b) liquid to solid c) liquid to gas d) gas to liquid
Water droplets form on the outside of a pitcher of water. What is this phase change called?
a) condensation b) evaporation c) melting d) freezing
A ball can fit through a ring while it is cool. After it has been heated, what will happen?
a) The ring expanded b) The ball expanded c) The ring contracted d) The ball contracted
How would you describe the spacing of the molecules of a solid?
a) very close b) slightly spaced c) spaced very far apart d) none of the above
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