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Because the tundra is so close to the _________, summer days are 24 hours long.
a) equator b) North Pole c) d)
Many animals ________, or sleep during the worst part of the winter.
a) hibernate b) migrate c) d)
The word tundra comes from a Finnish word that means __________.
a) treeless plain b) permafrost c) d)
_____________ are short.
a) Winters b) Summers c) d)
The ________ is the layer os soil that is frozen.
a) permafrost b) topsoil c) d)
The tundra biome is the ___________ of all biomes.
a) warmest b) coldest c) d)
There is very little ________ in the tundra.
a) precipitation b) wind c) d)
Only plants with _________ roots, such as grasses and small shrub, grow in the tundra.
a) deep b) shallow c) d)
_________ are long.
a) Summers b) Winters c) d)
Tundra plants get their energy from the sun through ___________.
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) d)
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