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A country that is dominant in military and political strength is a ________________.
a) superpower b) Communism c) Cold War d) Iron Curtain
_______________________ is the murder of more than six million Jews
a) Holocaust b) Cold War c) Superpowers d) Communism
Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States.
a) Allied Powers b) Nazis c) Aryans d) Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, and Japan
a) Axis Powers b) Nazi Party c) Aryans d) Allied Powers
______________________ is a strong identification of a group of individuals in a nation.
a) Fascism b) Inflation c) Nazis d) Aryans
______________________ is what Hitler called the Germans.
a) Aryans b) Allied Powers c) Axis Powers d) Nazis
_______________________ is Hitler\'s political party that took control after the Weimar Republic
a) Nazi Party b) Axis Powers c) Fascism d) Aryans
_____________________ is a condition where prices rise and money loses purchasing power.
a) depression b) Aryans c) nazi d) inflation
___________________ is a time where business is bad and people lost their jobs
a) Depression b) Aryans c) Nazis d) Inflation
The dividing line between eastern and western Europe during the Cold War.
a) Iron Curtain b) Cold War c) SuperPowers d) Communism
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