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______________ that are very dry and often very hot are called deserts.
a) Biomes b) Environments c) d)
Plants and animals have ________________ for living in the desert.
a) mutations b) adaptations c) d)
Desert plants have ________ that spread near the surface allowing them to quickly take up water.
a) roots b) leaves c) d)
Some desert animals live _________, where it is cooler.
a) in trees b) underground c) d)
Biomes have similar ____________ and _____________ factors.
a) abiotic, biotic b) homes, cars c) d)
Components of a desert ecosystem include
a) a hot, dry climate. b) plants that grow far apart so that the plants won't have to compete for water. c) animals that are active mostly at night. d) All of the above
You are in Africa. It is summer and dried grass covers the ground. You are likely in the _________ biome.
a) desert b) savanna c) d)
A camel is an animal that can travel for many days without drinking water. You would expect to find the camel in a _________ biome.
a) desert b) savanna c) d)
The white-tailed deer would most likely be found in a _______biome, which is whre we live.
a) deciduous forest b) tropical rain forest c) d)
Your friends return from a canoe trip on the lake and they are dripping wet. What inference might you make?
a) Their clothes are wet. b) They are tired c) Their canoe tipped over. d) They are skillful at canoeing.
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