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I really like ice-cream. I can eat ___ of ice-cream at a time.
a) a lot of b) some c) a few d) a little
I only have ___ money. I can't buy that expensive toy.
a) both b) a lot of c) a few d) a little
Do you want ___ water?
a) a few b) a little c) some d) a lot of
All of my friends hate dark colours. ___ them have black clothes in their closets.
a) None of b) Some c) A lot of d) A few
___ of you should not stay in the classroom. Everyone must go out.
a) Some b) All c) Both d) A few
___ Amy and Anna love puppies.
a) All b) A few c) Some d) Both
Can you give me ___ sugar? The lemon tea is not sweet enough.
a) a lot of b) some c) a little d) a few
Most of you forget to bring the book. Only ___ of you remember that.
a) a few b) a little c) some d) all
I seldom go hiking. I only have ___ experience on it.
a) a few b) some c) a little d) a lot of
I feel very thirsty. I can drink ___ water now.
a) a lot of b) some c) a little d) all
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