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What do plants absorb from the soil?
a) Sugar b) Air c) Soil d) Water
Which of the following do plants gain from sunlight?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Sugar c) Energy d) Air
What do plants absorb from the air?
a) Carbon Monoxide b) Air c) Carbon dioxide d) Water
What is the pigment that traps energy from the sunlight called?
a) Chlorophyll b) Stem c) Veins d) Xylem
What is the main source of nutrition for the plant?
a) Fructose b) Lactose c) Grucose d) Glucose
Which molecule is made up of hydrogen and oxygen?
a) Copper b) Water c) Dirt d) Air
Which is not needed for photosynthesis?
a) Air b) Dirt c) Sunlight d) Water
What makes our air breathable?
a) Oxygen released from the plants b) Car exhaust c) The smoke from factories d) The water in the roots
Another name for glucose is?
a) Salt b) Milk c) Bubble Gum d) Sugar
Chlorophyll makes the plants:
a) Brown b) Flower c) Green d) Blue
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