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A large tropical storm that has very high winds and heavy rainfall
a) hurricane b) tornado c) volcano d)
The sudden movement of rock and soil down the side of a hill
a) erosion b) mass movement c) landslide d)
Mountain formed as a result of heat and pressure inside earth
a) earthquake b) volcano c) mountain d)
The process of moving earth materials from one location to another
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d)
The rapid downward movement of earth materials due to gravity
a) mass movement b) erosion c) weathering d)
Forms when rivers slow down and deposit sediment at the mouth
a) deposition b) erosion c) delta d)
The process of putting earth materials in a new place
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d)
A giant wave that is caused by an earthquake
a) earthquake b) tsunami c) tornado d)
Any physical feature on the surface of the Earth
a) mountain b) mass movement c) landform d)
The process of earth materials being broken by physical and chemical means
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d)
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