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Necessities of life do not include:
a) a Nintendo Wii b) food c) water d) air
Most chemical reactions in metabolism involve
a) barbecue sauce b) water c) food d) air
Most living things use _________ to release chemical energy from food.
a) oxygen b) hydrogen c) carbon dioxide d) water
___________ make their own food using energy from their surroundings
a) producers b) consumers c) decomposers d) clappers
__________ eat other organisms for food
a) producers b) consumers c) decomposers d) clappers
Which consumer eats both producers and other consumers
a) decomposers b) herbivores c) omnivores d) carnivores
An example of a carnivore is a
a) wolf b) cow c) human d) rabbit
Proteins are made up of
a) amino acids b) nucleotides c) sugars d) ATP
hair is a
a) protein b) nucleic acid c) carbohydrate d) lipid
Nucleic acids are __________ molecules
a) energy b) information c) concentrated energy d) worker
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