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Cutting paper is an example of a
a) physical change b) chemical change c) biological change d) geological change
Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) banging on a drum b) fireworks c) melting butter d) dissolving salt in water
During a _____________ change atoms are rearranged
a) physical b) chemical c) biological d) geological
The law of conservation of ______ states that the total amount of matter is the same before and after a change
a) mass b) volume c) energy d) weight
Every chemical or physical change in matter includes a change in
a) atoms b) mass c) energy d) temperature
Energy is the
a) ability to do work b) ability to attract charged particles c) ability to make things fly d) ability to keep things the same
__________ is a measure of energy of moving particles
a) mass b) temperature c) volume d) weight
Thermal energy flows from
a) hot to hot b) hot to cold c) cold to hot d) cold to cold
Melting ice is a(n)
a) endothermic change b) exothermic change c) chemical change d) None of the choices
The reaction between sodium and water (sodium explodes) is a(n)
a) endothermic change b) exothermic change c) chemical change d) none of the choices
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