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Who ruled Russia when it was part of the Soviet Union?
a) Boris Yeltsin b) the Chechens c) Dmitry Medvedev d) the Communist Party
Which area of Russia is isolated from the rest of the country?
a) Chechnya b) St. Petersburg c) Moscow d) Kaliningrad
What is the political, economic, and transportation center of Russia?
a) St. Petersburg b) Moscow c) Siberia d) the Urals
Which is a major port, cultural center, and former capital of Russia?
a) Chechnya b) Kaliningrad c) Moscow d) St. Petersburg
Which of the following is a roadblock to democracy in Russia?
a) privitization b) underemployment c) confusion d) glasnost
Which of the following gives the Russian president strong power?
a) decrees b) separatist movements c) pensioners d) oligarchs
What is the term for campaigns to break away from the national government to form independent countries?
a) revolts b) oligarchs c) separatist movements d) strikes
Which of the following has helped to strengthen Russia\'s ties with western countries?
a) Bringing in books, CDs, and movies from other countries. b) The Trans-Siberian Railroad c) The fight against global terrorism d) Space exploration
In which city are Russian incomes highest?
a) Kaliningrad b) Yekaterinburg c) St. Petersburg d) Moscow
After Communist rule, the Russian government
a) loosened its control. b) declared bankruptcy. c) closed Russia\'s borders. d) fell apart.
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