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What produce cones instead of flowers?
a) Conifers b) Broadleafs c) Oaks d) Palms
What are the 3 main groups of trees?
a) Broadleaf, needleleaf, and palm b) Oaks, Maples, Elms c) Firs, hemlocks, spruce d) Raffia, coconut, and Washington
The part of the flower that makes pollen
a) Stamen b) Sepal c) Petal d) Pistil
Which part of the rhubarb plant is poisonous?
a) Leaf b) Root c) Stem d) Flower
Nicotine is found in what plant?
a) Tobacco b) Pine c) Rhubarb d) Poinsettia
What part of the flower attracts pollinators?
a) Petal b) Sepal c) Stamen d) Pistil
What part of the flower protects the bud?
a) Sepal b) Stamen c) Pistil d) Petal
These are often mistaken as petals.
a) Ray flowers b) Disc flowers c) Pretty flowers d) Mayflower
Oak, maples, elms, ashes, and willows are examples of what kind of tree?
a) Broadleaf b) Needleleaf c) Conifers d) Palms
These are able to make their own food because they contain chlorophyll.
a) Green plants b) Photosynthesis c) Acorns d) Fungi
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