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What book was irreparably damaged by a fire in the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino in 1904? It contained the laws of Christian Rome.
a) Codex Theodosianus b) Fifty Shades of Gray c) Gutenberg Bible d) Lex Ogulnia
An arsonist in 1986 set fire to what library, losing one of the largest and oldest collections of patents and cookbooks equaling over 1 million books?
a) Seattle Public Library b) L.A. Central Library c) San Francisco Public Library d) UCSB Library
What year did Shih Huang-ti order the first known book burning?
a) 100 AD b) 1066 AD c) 263 BC d) 213 BC
What modern political movement had established a functioning library in New York City, but was destroyed when NYPD raided the camp in Zuccotti Park?
a) Tea Party b) Hair Club for Men c) Occupy Wall Street d) YMCA
What author and female rock star provided the main tent that housed the People’s Library of Occupy Wall Street?
a) Joan Jett b) Dee Snider c) Patti Smith d) Ann Wilson
What library was burned in retaliation when American forces burned a library in Toronto a year earlier in 1813?
a) Enoch Pratt Free Library b) Library of Congress c) New York Public Library d) Philadelphia Library Company
Bosnian Serbs opened fire on what library destroying its entire collection, gunning down civilians who were trying to save items?
a) National and University Library of Bosnia b) Sarajevo Public Library c) Library of Alexandria d) Carnegie Mellon
What English King destroyed the Glastonbury Abbey, and with it, the earliest examples of Anglo-Saxon literature?
a) Henry VIII b) Charles II c) Richard III d) George III
What man created the “House of Wisdom” in 1004 until the Mongols invaded, destroying rare hand illuminated manuscripts?
a) Salman Rushdie b) Caliph Muhammad c) Caliph Omar d) Caliph Al-Mamun
10% of all public library materials were blacklisted and destroyed when what political regime came to power in 1933?
a) Nazi Party b) Bolshevik c) Populist d) Amish
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