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Which type of lava is high in Silica?
a) mafic b) Felsic c) Pahoehoe d) aa
What type of appearence is smooth and ropey?
a) Pahoehoe b) aa c) Pillow lava d) none
Which type of lava has the appearance of crumbled rock?
a) Pahoehoe b) aa c) Pillow Lava d) None
Pyroclastics means-
a) Lava b) magma c) Fire rock d) None
The largest type of tephra is-
a) Blocks b) Bombs c) lapilli d) none
The largest type of volcano is the -
a) Shield cone b) Cinder Cone c) Composite cone d) Fussure
The most explosive volcano is the-
a) Shield Cone b) Cinder Cone c) Composite cone d) Fissure
The volcano that is made strickly from lava flows is the-
a) Shield cone b) Cinder cone c) Composite cone d) Fissure
The largest volcano in the solar system is called on
a) the moon b) mars c) Io d) the earth (Crater Lake)
The only other place in the solar system that has active volcanoes is
a) Mars b) the moon c) Io d) none (earth currently has the only active volcanoes.
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