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_____ are you so happy? Because I have a birthday party.
a) Why b) What c) How d) Who
_____ is is sitting behind you? Rita.
a) Whose b) Which c) What d) Who
_____ do you go to school? By bus.
a) Why b) How c) When d) What
_____ does the first lesson begin? At 8.00 o'clock.
a) Where b) When c) How d) What
_____ is the police-station? In front of the park.
a) Where b) Which c) Who d) When
_____ is the weather like in Israel? It's hot.
a) What b) Which c) Who d) Whose
_____ does he usually have for lunch? Rice and fish.
a) Which b) Why c) When d) What
_____ book is that? It's Maria's.
a) Who b) Which c) Whose d) What
_____ can translate this word in English? I can.
a) Who b) Whose c) Which d) What
_____ are you crying? I lost my keys.
a) What b) Why c) Which d) How
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