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to form a mental image of; imagine.
a) catawampus b) entrepreneur c) legitimate d) visualize
something that is fair or follows the rules
a) legitimate b) catawampus c) visualize d) entrepreneur
someone who owns and manages their own business
a) legitimate b) catawampus c) visualize d) entrepreneur
completely crazy, disorganized, and out of sorts
a) catawampus b) visualize c) entrepreneur d) legitimate
to feel anger because of something unjust or unfair
a) indignant b) elated c) empathy d) pessimistic
The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
a) pessimistic b) optimistic c) elated d) empathy
To feel extremely happy and excited
a) elated b) indignant c) empathy d) pessimistic
to always expect the worst or to take the gloomiest possible view
a) pessimistic b) optimistic c) indignant d) elated
to expect the best possible outcome and take the most positive possible view
a) optimistic b) indignant c) elated d) objective
Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions; represents only facts
a) objective b) indignant c) elated d) empathy
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