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Love of Country
a) Economy b) Patriotism c) Immigrate d) Free Market
THe making of goods from raw materials by hand or machine.
a) Economy b) Culture c) Manufacturing d) Culture
To enter a country to live there.
a) Immigrate b) Patriotism c) Judicial d) Free Market
A system of leaders and laws for making decisions for a community, state, or nation.
a) Economy b) House of Representatives c) Government d) The President
An economy in which people are free to start almost any business they choose and run it how they choose.
a) Economy b) Senate c) Legislative d) Free Market
The way people in a place use resources to meet their needs.
a) Culture b) The President c) Patriotism d) Economy
A form of government in which the people make a decision or elect people to make the decision for them.
a) Democracy b) Checks and Balances c) Government d) Immigrate
THe way of life of a group of people
a) Patriotism b) Culture c) Judicial d) Senate

a) b) c) d)

a) b) c) d)
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