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The increase and decrease indent commands are found in the _____ group.
a) Font b) Header and Footer c) Paragraph d) Editing
Default spacing for the normal document template in Word 2010 is _____.
a) Single b) Triple c) 1.15 d) Double
Headers and footers can contain text, graphics, and _____.
a) Date b) All of the above c) Page Number d) Time
Text is right aligned by default in Word 2010.
a) True b) c) d) False
The view that is most often used when beginning a new document is the Outline view.
a) True b) c) d) False
Which of the following is not a Tab Stop?
a) Right b) Justify c) Decimal d) Left
Tabs, Indents, and Margins all effect the positioning of the text. Which one must stay the same through the entire document?
a) Tabs b) c) Margins d) Indents
How many Indent options are there on the left side?
a) 1-Left Indent b) c) 3-Left, Hanging, and First line d) 2-Hanging and First Line
The alignment options that has text straight on both the right and left side is ____________.
a) Left b) Justify c) Center d) Right
Regarding Page orientation, A document that is taller is ____________________.
a) Landscape b) c) d) Portrait
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