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A category or type of literature
a) unit b) genre c) style d) section
Tells the true events of someone’s life, and is written by someone else
a) biography b) realistic fiction c) historical fiction d) autobiography
Fiction that is based on true events or people
a) autobiography b) realistic fiction c) historical fiction d) biography
This type of fiction could be about anybody’s life
a) Realistic b) autobiography c) biography d) historical
Fiction that is referred to as “modern fantasy”
a) fantasy b) mystery c) science fiction d) modern fiction
The story of a person written by the person
a) autobiography b) realistic c) biography d) historical fiction
This fiction focuses on exploring new worlds and inventions
a) science fiction b) realistic fiction c) mystery d) fantasy
The fiction usually involves a crime
a) science fiction b) realistic c) mystery d) fantasy
Short stories and novels that tell about imaginary events
a) fantasy b) fiction c) biography d) reality
Fiction where the author creates a world where anything is possible
a) fantasy b) realistic c) fairy tale d) science fiction
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