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a) Iron (II) Sulfate b) Iron (III) Sulfate c) Iron Sulfate d) Iron (II) Sulfate (III)
Ammonium Nitride
a) (NH4)3N b) NH4NO3 c) NH4N d) (NH3)3NO3
a) Magnesium Dichloride b) Magnesium (II) Chloride c) Magnesium Chloride d) Magnesium Chloride 2
If your cation is a transition metal, it should have a
a) subscript b) polyatomic ion c) roman numeral d) prefix
Lead (IV) Phosphide
a) Pb4P b) Pb4PO4 c) Pb3(PO4) d) Pb3PO4
Sodium Hydroxide
a) SOH b) SHO c) NaHO d) NaOH
a) awesome TV show b) Cesium Monoiodide c) Carbon Sulfide Iodide d) Cesium Iodide
Aluminum Selenide
a) AlS b) Al2S3 c) Al3S2 d) Al (III) S
a) Magnesium dibromide b) Magnesium Bromide c) Magnesium Bromide (II) d) Magnesium Chloride
Calcium Phosphate
a) Ca2P3 b) Ca3P2 c) Ca2(PO4)3 d) Ca3(PO4)2
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