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Which is the stage where the body of an insect changes from larva to adult?
a) pupa b) larva c) molting d) nymph
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called ____________________.
a) heredity b) molting c) instinct d) behaviors
A complex behavior that is inherited is called ________________________.
a) instinct b) acquired traits c) heredity d) molting
This is the part of the insect life cycle when the eggs hatch into caterpillars.
a) larva b) pupa c) nymph d) molting
A person who studies butterflies is called a ____________________.
a) Lepiddopterist b) inherited traits c) acquired traits d) larva
The actions of animals (may be inherited) are called _____________________.
a) behaviors b) instinct c) heredity d) larva
Characteristics that are ____inherited traits_________________ have been passed from parents to their offspring.
a) inherited traits b) acquired traits c) behaviors d) instinct
This is the stage of incomplete metamorphosis.
a) nymph b) larva c) pupa d) molting
Physical traits that are not inherited are called _________________.
a) acquired traits b) inherited traits c) behaviors d) instinct
When a nymph sheds its outer covering, this is called ____________________.
a) molting b) behaviors c) heredity d) Lepidopterist
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