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What structure is the rigid outside layer that surrounds the plant cell?
a) Cell Wall b) Cell Membrane c) Cellulose d) Nuclear Membrane
What structure is a long, series of tubes that transports ribosomes?
a) Cell Wall b) Ribosomes c) Golgi Bodies d) Endoplasmic Reticulum
What is the structure that packages and stores ribosomes in the vesicles?
a) Golgi Bodies b) Cytoplasm c) Chloroplast d) Nucleolus
What structure contains pigment called Chlorophyll and is the food making site in plants?
a) Cytoplasm b) Mitochondria c) Chloroplast d) Lysosomes
What structure contains chemicals to break down food particles?
a) Chromosomes b) Lysosomes c) Chloroplasts d) Nucleolus
What structure contains DNA?
a) Chloroplast b) Cytoplasm c) Lysosomes d) Chromosomes
What structure stores food, water, and waste?
a) Vacuole b) Mitochondria c) Lysosomes d) Cytoplasm
What structure is the power-house of the cell, provides energy?
a) Cytoplasm b) Nucleus c) Mitochondria d) Lysosomes
What structure is the jelly-like substance that is constantly moving?
a) Lysosomes b) Cytoplasm c) Golgi Bodies d) Cell Wall
What structure creates ribosomes?
a) Nucleus b) Lysosomes c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleolus
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