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A synonym for combination is ....
a) collection b) mixture c) lecture d) ingredients
A synonym for measly is ....
a) huge b) playful c) unimportant d) singular
A synonym for client is ....
a) friend b) family member c) patron d) pastor
From what point of view is
a) First person b) second person c) third person d) fourth person
What is the genre of
a) nonfiction b) historical fiction c) folktale d) realistic fiction
Which person is a main character?
a) Shelia b) Jimmy Fargo c) Mrs. Hatcher d) Henry
Which word means to feel at ease?
a) combination b) advantage c) comfortable d) client
Which is a synonym for commercial?
a) advertisment b) anchor c) apartment d) mugged
Which word means something that helps a person?
a) measly b) comfortable c) advantage d) client
Which would be considered an advantage?
a) a reading log b) a study guide c) not studying d) not sleeping
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