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This is the study of Earth and all the different kinds of things on it
a) territory b) province c) geography d) conservation
A bowl-shaped landform surrounded by higher land.
a) basin b) plateau c) plain d) canal
A large area of nearly flat land.
a) basin b) plateau c) plain d) canal
The shape that makes up the Earth's surface.
a) pollution b) territory c) climate d) landform
A high, flat area that rises steeply above surrounding land.
a) plateau b) basin c) desert d) plain
The land along the ocean.
a) canal b) coast c) climate d) conservation
A place where very little rain falls.
a) plateau b) basin c) desert d) plain
The surroundings in which people, plants, or animals live.
a) climate b) conservation c) elevation d) environment
A measure of how hot or cold the air is.
a) temperature b) territory c) pollution d) climate
Moisture that falls to the ground.
a) temperature b) climate c) precipitation d) pollution
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