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The stronger the surface tension, the more easily an object of greater density will float on its surfacer.
a) false b) true c) d)
What is a double blind experiment?
a) the control variable b) a double blind experiment with no anzwers c) subjective information d) Experiments in which neither the particpants nor the people analyzing the results know wo is in the
what time does it start?
a) noon b) 9am c) 9pm d) midnight
What day is co-op
a) wednesdays b) mondays c) saturdays d) fridays
What is papyrus
a) a green rose b) green moss c) an ancient form of paper, made from a plant of the same name. d) none of the above
An object that is denser thatn water can float on water because of the water's surface tension
a) True b) false c) d)
What is a double blind experiment?
a) An experiment with two blind folds on one person b) all of the above c) none of the above d) An experiment with no blind folds
What is objective data?
a) an object b) Data that should not depend on the opinion of anyone including the inspector c) A double- blind study d) Answers from another planet
What is subjective data?
a) nothing b) data that depends on the opinion of the inspector c) inconclusive information d) data that has been tested thoroughly
What is an experimental variable?
a) An aspect of a variable that changes. b) An aspect of an experiment to which all others will be compared. c) An aspect of an experiment to which none will be compared. d) All of the above
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