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Which macromolecule is not part of the cell membrane
a) lipids b) nucleic acids c) carbohydrates d) proteins
Which macromolecule is mainly found in fats and oils?
a) Carbohydrates b) Nucleic Acids c) Proteins d) Lipids
Which macromolecule stores our genetic info as the blueprint for life?
a) Proteins b) Lipids c) Carbohydrates d) Nucleic Acids
DNA is to Nucleic Acid as Enzyme is to ____________ ?
a) Protein b) Lipid c) Carbohydrate d) Nucleic Acid
We tested starch with iodine. Iodine changes color in the presence of carbohydrates. What happened to the starch?
a) No color change b) color change c) d)
Which macromolecule is our main source of energy, broken down in the mitochondria?
a) Carbohydrates b) Lipids c) Nucleic Acids d) Proteins
Which macromolecule helps transport things in and out of the cell in the cell membrane in faciliated diffusion?
a) Carbohydrates b) Proteins c) Nucleic Acids d) Lipids
Which macromolecule is made of fatty acids and glycerol?
a) Carbohydrates b) Lipids c) Nucleic Acids d) Proteins
Which of the following is not a macromolecule
a) Protein b) Lipid c) Amino Acid d) Nucleic Acid
"Monomer" means the basic unit. What is the monomer of carbohydrates?
a) Amino Acids b) Fatty Acids c) Monosaccharides d) Nucleotides
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