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A flat landform found at a high elevation is called a __________
a) Plateau b) River valley c) d)
Where do most of Earth's volcanoes and earthquakes occur?
a) On continental plates b) Along plate boundaries c) d)
Which BEST describes the surface waves produced by an earthquake?
a) They move more slowly than body waves. b) They move more quickly than body waves. c) d)
Ian planted seeds on a hill and on a flat area. No flowers grew on the hill, but many grew on the flat area. Why?
a) The soil on the hill washed away. b) The seeds on the hill were bad. c) d)
Which is an artificial lake to control floods?
a) Reservoir b) Storm Drain c) d)
Which is the BEST course of action when a flood from a severe storm is approaching?
a) Build a levee b) Listen to the television or radio for directions. c) d)
Ian plans to study floods by taking pictures. Which is the MOST important reason he should stay away from the flooded areas?
a) Many people will be looking at the flood. b) The level of flooding could quickly rise. c) d)
Which is the BEST way to model how heavy rains and floods can change rocky land?
a) Run a garden hose over a pile of dirt. b) Mix dirt and rocks into a pile and slowly pour water out of a pail. c) d)
How would beach nourishment change a beach?
a) The beach would have more sand. b) Plants would appear in the water. c) d)
Which might help to prevent beach erosion along Georgia's Golden Isles?
a) Blocking rivers that flow to Georgia's coastline. b) Preventing commercial development. c) d)
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