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Animals without a backbone are called
a) vertebrates b) invertebrates c) sponges d) sessile
The basic unit of life is a
a) tissue b) brain c) cell d) organ
Cnidarians capture their prey using
a) stinging cells b) buds c) medusas d) tentacles
Sponges and sea anemones share which of the following characteristics?
a) They both live in the water b) All of the above c) They both are herbivores d) They both attach to a fixed point for their lifetime
Cnidarians and sponges both can perform budding. This is a form of
a) mating b) sexual reproduction c) asexual reproduction d) movement
Which of the following is not a characteristic of all living things?
a) Have the ability to move b) Can communicate c) Can reproduce d) Grow and develop
Which type of cnidarian has the mouth on the bottom and tentacles follow behind it?
a) coral b) sea anemone c) medusa d) polyp
_____________________ is achieved when an organism maintains stable internal conditions.
a) happiness b) health c) homeostasis d) hemoglobin
An organism that needs to eat other organisms to obtain energy are classified as
a) omnivores b) heterotrophs c) autotrophs d) producers
Which of the following organisms has bilateral symmetry?
a) fish b) coral c) octopus d) sunflower
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