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The rock that show stripes or zig zag of mineral is called
a) Clastic sedimentary rock b) Foliated metamorphic rock c) Intrusive igneous rock d)
Which Virginia province is located on the far western side of the state
a) Piedmont b) Blue Ridge Mountains c) Appalachian Plateau d)
Which Virginia province is famous for mining coal
a) Piedmont b) Blue Ridge Mountain c) Appalachian Plateau d)
Which Virginia Province contains billion year old rocks
a) Piedmont b) Blue Ridge Mountains c) Appalachian Plateau d)
The mountains formed in Oregon where probably formed by
a) Volcanism b) Faulting c) Erosion d)
The point of the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake is called
a) Folding b) Epicenter c) Zone d)
On a soil cross section the un-weathered bed rock is found at
a) top b) middle c) bottom d)
Which of the following best supports plate tectonic and continental drift
a) massive flooding in China b) The Grand Canyon c) Jigsaw fit of the continents d)
If two continents are moving toward each other what happens to the ocean floor that lies between them
a) It is shoved up onto on of the continents b) It is shoved under one of the continents c) It becomes weathered and erodes away d)
In which state would you find the greatest chance of an active volcano
a) Alabama b) Arkansas c) Oregon d)
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